Brian Keith is a voice of hope, help & healing.

Giving leaders permission to believe, face fears & add value. My focus is to bring clarity in spirit, life and business, by provoking new thoughts, new actions and new results.

Spiritually, I foster healing to the broken.
Personally, I inspire hope to the perplexed.
Professionally, I help edify the enterprising.

About Brian Keith

I am a man, that is both flawed and redeemed. I use my experiences and my failures, as lessons to teach, through the art of storytelling, speaking, mentoring and coaching.

I am a Husband, Father of four daughters and big brother of three. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, residing there since the 1970s.

My wife and I have been married since 2008, but dated off and on since 1994. She and I have grown together and have overcome many challenges. I do not know who or where I would be without the foundation, my wife has granted me.

I am available for keynote speaking, seminars, one on one coaching, webinars, workshops and masterclasses for individuals, solopreneurs, small businesses and larger corporate settings.

Quotes by Brian Keith

You cannot be anointed and offended at the same time”
“The Storm is not happening to you, but for you.”
What you are hold against people, holding against the society and
holding in your heart will eventually hold you hostage”
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