1. Your gift will always make room for you, it cannot be stopped by hate, envy, jealously, racism or any type of fear.

2. Your gift is a blessing and a burden, the blessings are the fruit and the burden is the root.

3. Be faithful in the small things, it will dictate your behavior, regarding the big things.

4. Greatness does not have an expiration date. Greatness will alway be acknowledged.

5. If you stay ready, you don’t need to get ready. Getting ready is for second place finishers.

6. You can go and grow further, when you align your goals with others.

7. Your gift must be demonstrated with grace, arrogance is insecurity personified.

8. A delayed blessing, is not a denied blessing. Bigger blessings take more time.

9. An external valuation, does not reflect your internal worth. Protect your internal, to forego the external, greatness is rewarded in the eternal.

10. Though the role you play is not ideal, nor a role you have chosen, the role is yet vital.