Entrepreneur, Customer Experience Expert & Strategist.

I consider myself to be a Entrepreneur, Customer services guru and value adder. Having the pleasure of doing all three since 1986.

Before having a job, I had a business. At 13 years old, a partner and I started MTI, Mills Thomas Inc. Soon there after, I taught myself to cut hair and another business was born.

Eventually I did get a job, many jobs and even worked my way into management at the tender age of 21. After many years and training several of my supervisors, how to do their jobs, plus adding insult to injury, being summarily fired a time or two.

I returned to my first love. Entrepreneurship.

One of my most notable business was a Limousine Service in 2001 and a Carpet, Rug & Upholstery cleaning business, started in 2008.

For me entrepreneurship saved my life, I had temporary success in Corporate America, but it not was fulfilling. Through Entrepreneurship, I was able to find my purpose, my calling, my gift, my talents, my abilities, my skill sets and my assignment.

I owned and operated Services by Fleet in the Dallas area. The ten years, ten months and ten days were quite productive, providing a 6 figure income and becoming the highest rated carpet cleaning company on Yelp DFW.

My goal is to leverage my entrepreneur insights and 30+ years of customer service experiences, to help others do specific things.

⁃ Use strategy to Monetize ideas

⁃ Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset

⁃ Find a USP

⁃ Become Competition Free

⁃ Move from Transaction to Transformation