I am available for keynote speaking, seminars, one on one coaching, webinars, workshops and masterclasses for individuals, solopreneurs, small businesses and larger corporate settings.

My speaking, mentoring and coaching is focused in three key areas of development: spiritual matters, life issues and business challenges. As an edifier, I bring clarity and strategy to opportunities that linger from the past, present in the present and await in the future.

Spiritual Development

*Fulfillment – Who Am I?

What do you do when every part of your personal life, plus business life are spectacular and yet there is a void? Could the material things be good, but not fulfilling? When you have mastered it all and it does not appease, this is your soul crying out for nourishment.

*Eldership – Strategic Leadership

Wisdom is the strategic application of knowledge. Knowing when to say when is a combination of skills and insights. How can we leverage what we have and what we know, to create the best outcomes for ourselves and who we love?

*Intimacy – Prophetic Insight

God has more to say than what is recorded in the Bible and there are people God speaks to on an intimately level about his people. This insight will be revelatory and inline with scripture.

Personal Development

*Overcoming Addiction

For 30 years I (Brian Keith) suffered from sex addiction. From porn to masturbation to multiple abortions, I did all. The addiction was a way to escape from the pain of rejection, detachment and abandonment from my past. These were generational curses. After many failed attempts to stop the behavior. I found resolution in 2017 and I am now free.

*S. W. O. T.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. The biggest opponent you will ever face is standing in the mirror. How well are you doing at overcoming you? The competition is not against other people it is against measuring up to your full potential. As a coach, my role is help you see something you have never seen, your backside. I am here to help you find your blind spots.

*Developing (M.V.P.)

A Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Purpose Statement are documents that clarify an individual’s or a businesses reasons for existing. The Value statement is a short direct sentence of what you do. The Purpose statement is a longer detailed version of what you envision as a whole and the Mission statement is the plan to accomplish the Purpose.

Business Development

*Developing Entrepreneurial Mindsets

An entrepreneurial mindset is different, there is always a sense of urgency, a sense of ownership and a sense of accountability that is a bit more keen. When you kill what you eat, your vision is more attune and your hearing has a higher wavelength. Your attention to detail is more precise, because the wrong move can cost more than a sale, but a whole contract.

*Idea Monetization

Every great movement, was once the mantra of a small tribe and before the tribe, the passion of an audience and before the audience, it was an idea in a single founder or group of founders heads. Ideas are common, but the execution of an idea is quite uncommon. An idea coupled with a calling and a purpose is power.

*How to Serve Strategically

There is a huge difference between serving and solving. Anyone can serve, the distinction comes when problem solving and serving are combined. The bigger the problem the bigger the impact and the bigger the impact the larger the emotional, mental, social and financial rewards.